Welcome to the fanart section! Here I'm putting all the art bits I've gotten from others, including guest comics and filler arts. Enjoy! Click on the image to enlarge it.

Comic by the wonderful Jorge Hernandez of Teo & Sara. I love this guest comic he's done, it makes me grin every time I read it!

'Esoterik' aka 'Tyler Frederick' was kind enough to draw this wonderfully detailed picture for my absence! I love the horrid pun and Death's expression ^_^ You can check out Eso's site at Seed Of Judgement

This comic was done for me by Michael Brockway, more commonly refered to as just 'Brockway.' His comic is Swords are Cool! And I'm so happy that he didn't draw her naked! ^_^ Brockway was cool enough to draw me this filler on the drop of a hat, pretty much. Props to you, Brocky!

After much bugging, Orion did this for me ^_^ Thanks! It's very amusing! His comic is Beyond Reality

Goobla! *huggles Goobla* Thanks babe! You can see his comic at Clique And he drew me with my fish! ^_^ I lub you!

RLC (RCL if you wish to speak to his alterego) made this one up for me. Thanks muchly! *grin* I had a good giggle. Go check out his comic Honour's Requiem.

This was done for me by the mysterious WP. I know nothing more than the letters WP. He/she posted this on the Keenspace Forums for me when I needed guest art. I love Nari's hair in this ^_^ very pretty.

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